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Bouncy Ball NG is a retro side scroller for Apple TV, iPhone, iPad and Mac. You the control the left and right movement of a ball that perpetually bounces up and down the screen. Think Ping Pong meets Arkanoid meets side scrolling action game. It optionally supports an MFi controller on Apple TV and Mac.

Join Pixel Pete, a 2D pixel, as he bounces his way through 12 levels to a secret lab in hopes of turning into a 3D bouncy ball. You control Pete’s left and right movement, while he perpetually bounces up and down the screen. Gather green blocks by hitting them with Pete so you can exit the level. Avoid hitting death traps and falling off the world. Bouncy Ball NG (“Next Gen”) is a remake of the Color Computer “new-brew” game Bouncy Ball.

Designed from the get go to run on Mac, iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. No cheesy desktop to mobile port here.



  • Enjoy a Pong crossed with Breakout style game.
  • Retro side scroller.
  • 12 insidiously hand crafted levels.
  • Optionally play with an MFi game controller on Mac and Apple TV.




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