Progress report 1

Dec 7, 2017

Much progress to report on Bouncy Ball NextGen, the iOS/macOS port of Bouncy Ball for the Color Computer. We now have a level selection screen, menu and game sounds, and the timer has been implemented.

So far I'm really getting into Swift 4. I can't say it's my favorite language, but it sure makes building apps on iOS and macOS easier.

I still have some placeholder art, and have more work to do in the game, and level selection screens, as well as implementing the high score screen. In game I wanted to get some more background art, possibly for each level, or perhaps sets of levels. Need some more sounds for when you hit crumble, slow and death blocks, as well as a death, start, and end of level ditty’s.

The high score screen will be the place where you can check out all your scores, and see when you got your best one, and hopefully see other peoples scores as well.

Sounds have been made using Garage Band for iOS & macOS. The iOS version is a pretty nifty app. I started on the macOS version, but there are some better arcade sounds I can get on iOS. The iPad also take up a lot less space on my desk (the full music keyboard is pretty long). I use Audacity to make any final tweaks to the audio. For example, when I want to remove any silence at the front or end of a sound clip.

The video below is me playing on my Mac: