Progress report 5 Submitted to the app store

Jan 28, 2018

Progress to report on Bouncy Ball NG. iOS and Apple TV versions have been submitted today! Only took 12 builds. Had to kill off one bug, fix an issue with the splash screen on the iPad, but coolest of all was the new music.

Allen Huffman was kind enough to whip up a few little ditties for Bouncy Ball. Thanks very much Allen. I now have some cool playful music on my game trailer too.

Let's see, I ended up with a total of 5 testers (not including their GF's). Changes made:

  • Tweaked a couple of the early levels to make then easier.
  • Fixed a scoring bug.
  • Added a hint screen at the start of the game that shows how to control the game, and what squares to target.
  • Fixed the splash screen on the iPad like 3 times. Constraints can be a bit of a challenge to learn.
  • Increased the size of fonts in the header area of the game to make it more readable.
  • Added more info to the window that pops up to show your current level.


  • Updated the end game sequence with the rock'in new music, and made it a little flashier.

I'll have to do a post mortem or something, but the two biggest pain points where integrating the joystick, and rendering and upload the preview (trailer) video.

Check out the trailer here: