Gas Money Split v1.1 now in the App Store

Apr 30, 2018

Gas Money Split (GMS) version 1.1 for iPhone is available for free on the App Store. It now supports metric, works on iPad, and you can now rate GMS from within the app.

Available now on:

GMS is a utility for calculating how much a trip will cost, how much gas will be used, and how much each person should contribute.

With so many apps that will help calculate your vehicles gas milage, I was surprised there were not more for trip planning, and none had the ability to include tolls.

Since I often car pool when going on trips, Gas Money Split was born. Now you can figure out the cost of the trip, and how to split it between other people.


  • It’s free on the App Store, please rate it if you enjoy it.
  • Calculates the cost of your trip, and what everyone’s share is.
  • Calculates how much fuel is used based on distance and vehicles gas milage.
  • See how many tanks of gas will be used.
  • Optionally Include the cost of tolls.

Read more at Gas Money Split.