GLOV Log viewer utility for devs

Dec 28, 2018

GLOV (GUI’less LOg Viewer) is an open source console based log and text file viewing utility. If you routinely find yourself using less and tail on log files while you are shh’ed to a remote machine, then glov is a utility that will interest you.

GLOV was designed out of the need to have a command line log file viewer that would give me ability to view a file, search it, show line numbers, set bookmarks, and monitor it in real time. Something like less is great, but if I want to monitor the file, I always found myself using line numbers when I needed to see if the file changed, which is problematic if I don’t remember the line number. Using tail -f is great for monitoring a file, and if you hit enter a few times, it effectively marks the location so you can continue to monitor the file, and know where you marked it. But neither are ideal. Something that will let me bounce around the file, bookmark locations, and monitor is what is really needed.

Although the idea of using something like splunk is great in theory, in practice a lot of enterprises don’t use it for all their apps, which leaves the developers needing to use some combination of ssh+less+tail. Hence the desire for something that combines the best of both tools, but add some additional features.